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Table Numbers

Table numbers are quite often overlooked when thinking of your table decoration and I want to show you how a good one can make a big difference – after seeing a post over on my favourite wedding blog Belle The Magazine.

It is only a small detail in the whole scheme of things, but still an important one I think. Many venues tend to supply brides with those horrible metal stands to plonk a piece of card in – I think we can do better than that!

Belle The Magazine

Belle The Magazine

Belle The Magazine

Belle The Magazine

Belle The Magazine

Belle The Magazine

What do you think of these – which is your favourite? I love the 2 mirror ones the most I think. Do you have any fab or unique table number ideas? What did you, or will you, have at your wedding?

Pop over to Belle The Magazine for lots more gorgeous wedding inspiration x

Loving… Website Wedding Invitation

I came across this amazing website wedding invitation (via Stylist) and just had to share it with you. When I say website, I mean website – fully designed and illustrated by the couple which tells their story from them meeting to their engagement.

The bride Jess is an illustrator and the groom Russ is a graphic designer – all of which is very clear when you see the detail that has gone into this website – love it! Please click here to view the full site.

What do you think – have you seen anything like this before? I know I haven’t! Would this inspire you to try something like this? Let us know if you do x

Daisy Woodland Wedding

I came across this gorgeous woodland and daisy themed wedding over on fab wedding blog Love My Dress (photography by We Not Me Collective) and just wanted to point you in that direction.

It was actually these bridesmaids outfits that first caught my eye – something different and so pretty. The chiffon tops are from Topshop and the skirts were made by the brides friend.

We Not Me Collective via Love My Dress

We Not Me Collective via Love My Dress

We Not Me Collective via Love My Dress

We Not Me Collective via Love My Dress

We Not Me Collective via Love My Dress

These are just a few of my favourite pics, but please pop over to Love My Dress for the rest of the photos and all of the wedding details x

Valentines Day Countdown – Staying In

“Truly loving another means letting go of all expectations. It means full acceptance, even celebration of another’s personhood.” (Karen Casey)

Ladies, Valentines Day is almost upon us and I know that not everyone will want to be blowing the budget! We watch romantic movies and wish that our man would whisk us off to Paris or fill a restaurant with a million red roses. This however does not happen to majority of us, but don’t worry you are not alone on this and we can still create a “home made” night of romance.

We may like the idea of rustling up a 5 course meal, but really?! Especially on a Tuesday! You want to enjoy yourself and I doubt you want to spend the whole day in the kitchen. From experience you end up spending more on ingredients anyway, and you’ll end up tired, with burnt food and sauce running down your dress! Instead why not try something easy or even a Forman & Field hamper?! Would be nice to have a valentines hamper picnic in the comfort of your own home.

Pretty scented candles are a must for a night in on Valentines Day. Lighting is so important and really helps to create romantic atmosphere. Pic via Style Me Pretty.

These pretty champagne coupes (seen on Inspired Design) would be perfect for your Valentines Day champagne. Love them for weddings too!

Strawberries dipped in chocolate are another of my favourites for a romantic night in – as well as being delicious they are also one of your 5 a day and go beautifully with champagne! I usually go for the Godiva ones, but I have made them myself before, so you could try that if you would prefer.

Just because you are staying in don’t be tempted to sit around in your pyjamas (this applies to me too!)! Dressing for the occasion will make it that extra bit special. It doesn’t mean you have to buy something new though – just dig out one of your old favourites – or maybe try a bit of customisation? This dress below is a cheap New Look dress customised with an underskirt and belt for me by my clever crafty friend!

Have lovely Valentines Day wherever you are and whatever you do – Svetlana x

DIY Valentines

I just wanted to share a few ideas Valentines Day ideas that you can do yourself at home – the best thing being that all of these would be great for weddings too.

DIY Brass Valentine 

I love this DIY brass valentines card (via Camille Styles) what a great idea and it does not seem that complicated to do. Please click here for full instructions. For a wedding you could do these as favours – perhaps saying something other than “I love you” though! Would make fab place-cards too.

DIY Love Cookies

I don’t know about you but the best way to my mans heart is definitely through his stomach and he always loves anything homemade, so I think these Valentines cookies (via Wedding Chicks) are a great idea! The full recipe and instructions can be found here.

Via Wedding Chicks

DIY Matchbox Wraps

I just last week ordered some personalised matches for the wedding of one of our brides – and have since came across these DIY ones (seen on Camille Styles) – great for Valentines Day or a wedding. For the downloadable template and instructions please click here.

Camille Styles

So will you be giving any of these a go – for Valentines Day or your wedding? Good luck and do share your attempts with us 🙂 x

Make your own Macarons

Macarons are just sooo pretty and I love popping into the Laduree cafe in Harrods just to look at the rows and rows of multi coloured delights.

I wanted to share this macaron recipe as they make fantastic gifts and can also be used as wedding favours or even as part of a dessert bar.

Macarons are apparently quite hard to make, but this is a very good and detailed recipe (which was found over on Wedding Chicks) with various flavour options and full instructions.

What you need – icing sugar, almond flour, sugar and eggs – for the macaron. For the filling – please click here for full list of ingredients.

Good luck and if you decide to make these for your wedding – make sure you practice well in advance and don’t leave it until the night before! 🙂 x

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