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Dance Floor Ideas

One of my favourite wedding blogs Belle the Magazine had a recent post on Wedding Dance Floor Ideas. As they say – venues, flowers and entertainment are usually things that get sorted first and the dance floor can often be an after thought, or you just going with whatever is available or the cheapest at the last minute.

I think it is something really worth thinking about because as you will now see – there are lots of different types and they can be a real feature of your evening reception. Here are a few ideas –

A black & white dance floor is classic and always looks fab.

You can create all kinds of different light patterns on to a plain dance floor.

I love this star light pattern!

A pool covered dance floor? Not sure I would feel safe doing this?!

A monogram would be another option, using your initials.

How fabulous is this tented dance floor!

You could even have the feature above the dance floor like this – using hanging crystals.

What do you think – have you even considered your dance floor yet?! Obviously your venue will be a big deciding factor in terms of what will go – but most types would suit most venues, so go mad!

All images via Belle The Magazine.

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